Southern Peach Candle Co

FALL and CHRISTMAS candles are now available 

About Us

Southern Peach Candle Co

We use 100% cotton wicks and all natural organic soy wax. Our fragrances are made with essential and natural oils that are phthalate free to give you the cleanest burn possible. 

We hope you enjoy the farmhouse aesthetic and southern charm these candles will bring to your home.


To ensure the longevity and quality of your candle your initial burn should consist of melting the top layer fully. Keeping your wicks trimmed to 1/4” will help minimize soot and give you a clean burn as well. 

Burn times:

4oz- Approximately 20-25hrs

8oz- Approximately 45-50hrs

16oz-Approximately 85-90hrs

24oz- Approximately 125-130hrs

48oz-Approximately 220-230hrs

Recommended burn time is 3-4 hrs with a maximum burn time of 4 hrs. 

Never leave your candle unattended 

The store is closed for maintenance

Why Choose Us?

With dedication to choosing the perfect  design, selection of unique and desired scents, to ordering the most sturdy and sought after jars and lids we have assembled a one of a kind handpoured soy candle ready to be enjoyed by anyone and everyone.